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Knowing when enough is enough!

Have any of you found yourselves going around in circles by trying to hunt down the perfect way to make your HTML pages secure before uploading them into the public domain? I’ll bet almost every HTML/CSS devotee has, at some point in time, found this to be a very tall order indeed. I personally did a lot of experimentation before finding some satisfactory answers to this vexed question. The best approach that I can come up with lies in a raft of different measures that will form your total web security ‘blanket’, rather than in any one simplistic approach.

Article by: Adrian McGlinchey

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Launch: New Web Marketing Business

Welcome to my new look WordPress page. Sadly there isn’t much content yet. That’s because I’ve decided to re-purpose this site to coincide with a new affiliate marketing business that I will be launching soon. The home website is in its final stages of production and I expected it to be launched by around the 18th of September 2017. By the time I upload some product reviews to get the ball rolling, we may be looking at 2nd of October 2017 before everything is up and running. Please drop by sometime to see how things are going and offer constructive feedback.


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